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Lee Kahn Foundation, 216-E Mt. Hermon Rd. #399, Scotts Valley, CA 95066

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Application Guidelines

The Lee-Kahn Foundation is a private non-profit foundation incorporated under California law. The Foundation accepts Letters of Inquiry from tax-exempt, non-profit organizations working to solve issues concerning the Environment, Wildlife, Arts and Education. We do not accept Letters of Inquiry that benefit specific individuals or religious organizations.

The Lee-Kahn Foundation is only able to fund a small percentage of the grant requests it receives. Many requests are rejected not because they lack value, but because they do not match the funding interests of the Foundation. Grant seekers are asked to submit a form Letter of Inquiry found below before submitting a formal funding proposal. Please do not send videos, brochures or any other organizational materials with your Letter of Inquiry. Letters of Inquiry should be filled out, using the form below, and contain the following information:

  • Goals and Objectives: Describe the goals and objectives of the project.
  • Project Information: Provide a detailed statement describing the organizations plan for meeting the project goals.
  • Timeline: Provide a brief timeline for the project.
  • Funding Requirements: Briefly explain the organization's need for funding related specifically to the project. Describe the personnel and financial resources available and needed.
  • Organizational Information: Provide any pertinent information about your organization.
Review Process

Staff members from the Lee-Kahn Foundation review each Letter of Inquiry to determine whether it falls within the Foundation's areas of interest and fits its funding priorities. Prompt consideration is given to all. When a Letter of Inquiry meets our criteria, the organization will be asked to develop a more detailed proposal. Please do not submit a proposal unless asked by the Lee-Kahn Foundation.

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